Titus Cline

Lead Pastor

Tell us about your Family. I have been married to my amazing wife Jaimee since June of 2007 and we have three awesome kids Addy, Elva, and Perrin. Our kids are homeschooled by Jaimee and we are dedicated to making sure they know and love Jesus their whole lives.

What do you do at gc3? I am the Lead Pastor at gc3 which means I am the primary preacher and the visionary for our church. I am passionate about seeing people grow in their faith in Jesus and become better disciples. My heart is to develop disciples to go and bring hope to the hopeless.

What makes you laugh? A lot of things honestly. I love to Laugh and I love making other people laugh. Dad jokes are maybe too big a part of my personality.

What makes you cry? The Husker Football team. Kidding... Kind of. I would say I am easily hit in the "Dad feels" Videos about kids growing up or just swells of pride for my own kids can definitely bring tears.

What is your greatest hope for gc3? To see her become what God wants her to be. To be a healthy growing Church that is HUGE in our community that is reaching the lost. 

Rich Klee


Tell us about your Family.  I married Shyla, my high school sweetheart 21 years ago, since then God has blessed us with four children each of which have their own unique quirks and features. They love Jesus and serve the church eagerly.

What do you do at gc3? I am honored to serve as an Elder at the church. I help the pastor to execute our primary Church mission which is to  Embrace people, Develop followers, and Deploy disciples.

What makes you laugh? My kids, specifically trying to speak gen z to them. I also like to watch 90's comedy movies. They tickle my heart.

What makes you cry? I have a unique ability to feel other people's emotions. So I tend to cry when I see others suffer.  

What is your greatest hope for gc3? That we become a Church that is more like Jesus. Meaning a hope for the hopeless, where people can heal from previous church hurts, and where we seek to work on our hearts. 

Sean Kelly


Tell us about your Family. I’m retired and have two adult children, Katie who is the mom to three of my grandchildren; and Colin who is active duty US Navy and also the dad to the other four grandchildren. Seven grandchildren separated by our entire country. I’ve lived in Frederick for around 9 yrs.

What do you do at gc3? I am one of the Elders at gc3. You will occasionally hear from me on Sundays. We Elders are blessed to have the opportunity to share the message during the service. Living alone and retired gives me a great opportunity to serve my church at times when in need. I am the current drummer in our amazing worship team. I also lead the Thursday evening Small Group Bible study family. Since Jesus found me, I have focused my attention on serving my church and spreading the good news of the gospel.

What makes you laugh? My children and grandchildren make me laugh in a different way than laughing at a good comedy. But, I think I’ve laughed the hardest ever when I watched Tim Conway do the dentist on Carol Burnett show (old school). Good clean comedy makes me laugh best.

What makes you cry? Again my children and grandchildren make me cry. Happy tears and other tears. Parents will understand the emotions I have toward my kids. Also, seeing someone else hurt in any way can tug at my heart strings as well. Ironically, I often cry when discussing my journey with Jesus. It is a kind of emotion I had never experienced before.

What is your greatest hope for gc3? I have so many hopes for gc3. But answering directly to my greatest hope it would be this. I pray, we as a church are used as an instrument of God’s will by serving others and spreading the good news.

Daryl Ross Summers

Admin Assistant

Tell us about your Family. I have been married to my husband, Vernon, Since December of 2010. I do not have children, but I am an aunt to seven amazing individuals, four nieces and two nephews and a great nephew. I share five grandchildren with my husband and his children. I am very close with my parents and am able to see them almost every day. I have a twin brother and a younger brother.

What do you do at gc3? I am the church's administrative assistant. I also serve in a variety of areas when there is a need, from Sunday morning hospitality, to mowing and landscaping, diaper bank sorting, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, etc.

What makes you laugh? I love humor and especially dry and stupid humor. I laugh the hardest when I get around my brothers and we like to "act up"! My husband is quick witted and funny, too. He probably makes me laugh the most and we definitely play off of each other.

What makes you cry? I cry easily when others cry, and especially when I have family or friends close to me that go through rough times. My heart hurts for those suffering and I get emotional. I cry with joy and proud moments, too!

What is your greatest hope for gc3?  To see GC3 thrive, grow and meet its full potential. To always provide hope to others that feel hopeless and alone. To never lose the Family feeling that GC3 shares with anyone that walks through the doors. To always trust God in everything that He has in store for GC3 and to pursue Him in all things.

Hilary David

Diaper Bank Coordinator

Tell us about your Family. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Matt, since 2018. We have a marvelous young daughter, Parker, and a rambunctious labradoodle, Perry.

What do you do at gc3? I am the gc3 Diaper Bank Coordinator, which means I work with an amazing team of volunteers to distribute diapers to families in need in our community.

What makes you laugh? My husband. I often tell him, and anyone who will listen, that he’s the funniest man I know. It was my very first impression of him, I still remember the way he had me laughing.

What makes you cry? It’s so cheesy, but Love. Yes, they’re happy tears, but people feeling loved or showing love just gets me. Weddings, even on TV. Parents expressing how enamored they are by their children. But most of all, when I think about how much Love Christ has for me, for all of us, I’m just a tearful mess.

What is your greatest hope for gc3? That we would grow in unexpected ways and members would step into roles that help them and the church transform into what God wants us to be.

Chelsea Connary

Social Media Coordinator

Tell us about your Family. I’ve been married since 2023 (hi, Wyatt!) and have 3 kids, all about a year apart from each other. I’m a stay at home working mom who is kept VERY busy, but I enjoy every minute of it!

What do you do at gc3? I help manage the church social media. My goal is to capture and convey the warmth that is GC3, and to reach people in our community who are looking for hope and a true church family. I know they’ll find that at GC3 and I truly believe there is nowhere else like it!

What makes you laugh? Myself! I am the first to admit that I am quite funny. I love a good pun, too!

What makes you cry? Everything…but also the song “Talking to Jesus” ft. Brandon Lake, oof.

What is your greatest hope for gc3? I hope that GC3 can continue to be the life changing and hope bringing church that it has been for me for many, many others. I would not be where I am spiritually today if my husband hadn’t stumbled upon GC3, so I hope it continues to be discovered as a “diamond in the rough” by many more.